Automobile Elevator

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  • Freight Elevators designed with Class B Automobile loading are commonly known as Automobile Elevators and are used to transport passenger vehicles such as sedans, SUVs and trucks between multiple levels.
  • Often used in automobile dealerships, mixed use condominiums, parking garages, residential homes and other ICI buildings.
  • Extremely versatile and customizable to suit required building height, available headroom & pit depth. Provided with front only or front & rear entrances to suit building entrance orientation.
  • We provide Automobile Elevators meeting CSA B44 & ASME 171.1 code for North America & overseas markets.


  • Passengers seated inside automobile are permitted to travel within the Elevator cab.
  • Single automatic push button operation with synchronized opening of Elevator landing door and Elevator cab door.
  • Available with advanced smart card operation option or wireless fob operation for selective floor access.
  • Final product specifications may vary and to be as per TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority) in Ontario and as per other Authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ) for other provinces, territories & states in North America.


  • Typically constructed of reinforced masonry block or cast in place concrete by others.
  • Shaft to be provided with adequate structural support, hoisting beams, checkered steel sills, frames & header, rough opening for entrances, pit light with a switch and GFCI plug, fire alarm initiating devices by others.
  • Optional steel shaft enclosure may be possible.
  • Hoistway shaft to be constructed as per elevator code, building code, by others.


  • Machine located adjacent to the shaft at bottom level.
  • Machine Room door to swing out and be self locking and self closing.
  • Lockable, fused disconnect box, guarded light with a switch, GFCI Plug, by others.
  • Machine area to be constructed as per elevator code, building code, by others.