Pre-Sales Consultancy
Based on our years of experience we are always able to identify customers’ needs correctly and separate it from their wants. Custom made tailor solutions are available to suit every application. We spend time with Architects, Planners, Engineers, Consultants, Building Owners & Developers and End Users in preparing product specifications, most suited for the nature of application. Attention is paid to every minute detail to ensure the prepared specifications meet all the applicable codes & regulations laid down by Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).


Offering a Solution and not just a Product
Express Elevators & Lifts Inc. is a Specialist in all kinds of Freight Elevators & Custom Elevating Solutions. Although, elevators are offered as model products with standard specifications. However, after considering the factors and constrains like available pit depth, ceiling heights, habitable space beneath the hoistway shaft, orientation of entrances (on opposite sides or at right angle) etc., typically every project ends up becoming a unique solution tailored to the situation. Further, certain projects are more complex and demanding, specially the industrial ones where elevator needs to be installed in an environment exposed to the elements of weather or extreme dust conditions or even explosive dust or other hazardous conditions. Therefore, it is very important that all these parameters and conditions are studied and qualified very carefully. Only after a careful study, a product configuration is recommended and specifications are arrived upon, so that the final product is as per the customers’ requirements. At Express Elevators & Lifts Inc. we provide our expertise in recommending custom solutions. Over the years our personnel have been involved in numerous projects with custom requirements.

We are well known and are an established provider of all kinds of freight elevators with ability to provide various options, including:

  •  Varying duty load (Load Capacity & Speed)
  •  Cab Dimensions varying from small Dumbwaiter to a very large Freight or Automobile Elevator; tall elevator cabs etc.
  •  Installing elevators in different type of Hoistway Shaft like Poured Concrete, Masonry Blocks, Hollow Structural Steel Tubes (HSS), Structural Wood members, Glazing etc.
  •  Shafts with limited headroom and/ or pit depth   
  •  Elevator cabs in Plastic Laminate, Aluminum, St. Steel, Galvanized steel finishes.
  •  Various possible door options swing, vertical and horizontal sliding, vertical bi-parting etc.
  •  Elevator suitable for dust proof, water proof and explosion proof environment.
  •  Elevators with habitable space below the hoistway shaft


Post-Sales Project Management for efficient execution of the elevator projects
Time and budget are always of an essence for any project. At Express Elevators & Lifts Inc. we believe it is our responsibility to ensure that all projects are completed in a timely fashion and within the stipulated budget, as per the satisfaction of the customer. We discuss the job requirements and resulting final specifications in minute detail so that the customers understand the product/ solution purchased, and that any future change orders can be minimized. This greatly helps customers save valuable time and money. Over the years we have the proven track record of ensuring timely completion and completing the project within the stipulated budget.
 We do our due diligence to ensure that drawings are submitted on time

  •  Make prompt & regular follow-ups for drawings & other technical detail approval to ensure timely fabrication of elevator material.
  •  It is our attempt to visit every job site before the delivery of material to ensure that the site is as per the approved elevator drawing. This minimizes the chances of any site deficiencies and is a key to for timely job completion resulting in a happy customer.