“Our vision is to make vertical transportation of people and freight easier, safer, environment-friendly and cost-effective. 

We work hard every day to make Express Elevators & Lifts Inc., one of Canada’s most trusted elevator brands.”


Welcome to Express Elevators & Lifts Inc. 
Detailed information on elevating devices offered by Express Elevators is provided in the Products section of our website. In this section we have mentioned the rudimentary specifications, features, available elevator cab sizes, resulting hoistway shaft sizes & code related restrictions for the available products. While selecting a particular elevating device, it is very important to qualify the above mentioned parameters to ensure the selected product matches with the project requirement and that it also meets or exceeds the intent of elevator code & other related codes.

From our experience we have gathered that certain product/ project related information is frequently requested by Architects/ Estimators. We have provided this information in question – answer format under the FAQ section of our web site. We are confident that you will find the information provided in this section to be useful. We have divided this section into different products that we offer.

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words! Therefore we strongly recommend you to visit the Showcase section of our website, wherein we have a slide show of some of our recent installations. Although we can’t cover every project, however we have tried to showcase at least one project for every product that we offer.  

We know that every project and it’s requirements are different. Furthermore, product requirements, site conditions & constraints, and schedule etc. make very requirement unique. Although comprehensive information is available on our website, as every project requires some specific input, we strongly encourage you to contact our knowledgeable staff by clicking on the Contact Us tab or email us at sales@expresselp.com or simply call me at + 1 647 505 0023 for any project related information.

If you are an Architect or Estimator or even a Building Owner and looking for our assistance to help you choose the correct Product or prepare Comprehensive Design Specifications, then please provide us with initial project requirement and contact us via Architects & Estimators web page on our web site. It is our intent to get in touch with you within 1 business day.

Hope you will find the information provided on the website useful and helpful in incorporating the suitable elevating device for your application.

At Express Elevators, we strongly rely on word of mouth. Based on the value provided by us, we get a lot of new business through referrals and repeat customers. We take pride in mentioning that a significant percentage of our new business comes from our existing customer base. It has been the best marketing tool for us. We, therefore provide maximum possible attention to all our clients and work hard in achieving a satisfied customer base. Our vision statement mentioned above, evolved from this very basic school of thought.

I thank you for your interest in our Products Services. I assure you of my maximum attention and look forward to contributing successfully in your project.

Puneet Mehta, EDM-F
Vice President.



  • EDM–F (Certified Elevator Consultant), TSSA (Technical Standards & Safety Authority)
  • Master (Post Graduation) Diploma in Business Administration & Marketing
  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering



  • Mr. Puneet Mehta is a graduate Mechanical Engineer who has worked in the elevator industry for over 20 years - first for a major elevator contractor and then with an independent contractor for new sales & construction hoist leasing. During this period he has personally & successfully executed over 1000 elevator installations in Canada, USA & Overseas. His strengths are pre-sales consulting, helping choose client a suitable elevating device, involving hoistway shaft assessments, traffic estimations, technical audits & inspections and project management roles.  
  • He is currently involved in pre-sales consultancy, marketing & business development roles. Also oversees project management for certain on-going projects and site inspections.
  • He has played major roles in the design & specification preparation with architects, engineers & consultants for passenger elevators, freight elevators, automobile elevators, dumbwaiter & material lifts for new construction projects for ICI (Industrial, Commercial & Institutional) buildings like automotive & aviation plants, heavy industrial plants & warehouses, plazas, malls & condominiums, automotive dealerships, banks, museums & galleries, schools & universities, pharmaceutical facilities & hospitals, hotels, restaurants & wineries, places of worships, self-storage facilities etc.
  • In the area of elevator modernization, he was responsible in bringing new life to aging elevators for devices installed in hotels, plazas, industrial buildings, private homes etc.