Separating needs from wants.

Based on our years of experience we are always able to identify customer’s needs correctly and separate it from their wants. We spend time with Architects, Planners, Engineers, Consultants, Building Owners & Developers and End Users in preparing product specifications, most suited for the nature of application. Attention is paid to every minute detail to ensure the prepared specifications meet all the applicable codes & regulations laid down by AHJ (Authorities Having Jurisdiction). .

Design of each commercial elevator needs to be submitted to the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) and each installation is inspected by the AHJ before the elevator can be handed over to the end user. Therefore its paramount that from the beginning an appropriate Elevating Device is qualified for the project to avoid any conflict with the Elevator Code. Our sales staff would be happy to help you through this process.

Standard Products offered by Express Elevators are detailed under the Products section of the web site.

Typically each elevator application is unique and that specifications for each elevator has to be configured to suit the site conditions & end user requirements etc. Custom made tailor solutions are available to suit every application. Therefore we encourage you to Contact Us at or speak to any of our knowledgeable sales staff by calling at + 1 647 505 0023. We would be happy to assist you in preparing detailed specifications for any of our products and look forward to working with you in your elevator projects.

If you an architecture or an engineering company and would like to schedule a Lunch N Learn session then please submit us your request at ARCHITECTS & ESTIMATORS