A stitch in time saves nine.

Any work to be done to up-keep the elevating device which cannot be carried out during regular PMI (Preventive Maintenance Inspection) is carried out as Repair Work. A repair work may be classified as Major or Minor and may require it to be documented to the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction). TSSA along with other AHJ have laid down comprehensive procedures to classify the repair work as Major or Minor and have laid down procedures for the paper work to be submitted. Certain repair work may require reporting by the EDM-A mechanic performing the repair work where as other repair work could be considered elaborate thus requiring paper work to be furnished by the P. Eng. (Professional Engineer) on the project. Therefore it is important to identify, carry out & document the work correctly and have an approved copy of the paperwork available in machine room for future reference and records.

Typically Express Elevators conducts Repair work on the Elevating Devices we Provide and/ or Install. Please Contact Us for any Repair related query and we would happy to assist you.

Modernization, also popularly known as MOD provides an upgrade, enhances the life span of an elevator and is typically carried out during the mid life cycle of an elevator. Major repairs including replacement of various elevator components is carried out thus resulting in gain of performance, reliability, efficiency of the unit. Sometime MOD also has to be carried out due to change in certain site conditions or end user’s requirement or even due to certain elevator code implication.

While planning a MOD, it is very important to identify the objective of MOD and determining the scope of repairs and changes to be made. A thorough assessment of ROI (Return on Investment) needs to be done to achieve a positive outcome of MOD. Expectation should be established between the end user and the elevator contractor before starting the work.

We are pleased to share with that Express Elevators has successfully completed MOD projects involving LULA Elevators, Freight Elevating Devices and Home Elevators, thus helping save our clients thousands on Dollars. We are specialist in carry out modernization on Freight Elevating Devices. Please Contact Us for any MOD related query and we would happy to assist you.