Material Lift

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Material Lift is a safe, reliable and rugged elevating device designed to carry freight along with a rider between two or more fixed levels.

  • Material Lifts are versatile and an ideal solution to carry freight with a rider for industrial, commercial & institutional (ICI) buildings. Retail & wholesale warehouses of big box stores, storage facilities, carrying carts in hotels & hospitals, condominiums, parts centres of automobile dealership etc.
  • Robust, high quality, value device, and an economical, cost saving alternate to a Freight Elevator.
  • We provide Rider enabled Material Lifts strictly as per the North American elevator code CSA B44 and ASME A17.1, catered to suit many states, provinces & territories in North America and overseas markets.

Features and Benefits of Material Lift

  • Material Lifts are energized using non-buried, environmentally friendly, side mounted hydraulic cylinder(s) design.
  • Material Lifts driven by geared motor design are also available.
  • Load carrying capacity ranging from 500 pounds to beyond 20,000 pounds.
  • Customized design is available in various car sizes to suit the available building space
  • Car finishes & door types to suit a varied spectrum of loads & goods to be carried.
  • Suitable for various NEMA ambient conditions; rough, repetitive heavy usage; loading with forklift trucks or tow motors, etc.
  • Design options include No Pit Design, thus eliminating the need to cut existing concrete slab.
  • Solutions available for low headroom/ceiling height.

Based on of Lift Enclosure (a.k.a. Hoistway Shaft), Express Elevators has further categorized these lifts in two types:

  • B Yo S (Bring your own shaft): A civil or general contractor construct a masonry or concrete shaft.
  • S By E: (Shaft by Express Elevators): Along with the material lift, we also provide a Metal Shafts to enclose and support the lift. Thus, offering a Turn-Key approach. Even the hydraulic power unit is enclosed in an enclosure

Enclosure (a.k.a. Hoistway Shaft) Details.

  • Typically constructed of reinforced masonry block or cast in place concrete by others.
  • Shaft to be provided with adequate structural support, hoisting beam, checkered steel sills, frames & header, rough opening for entrances, pit light with a switch and GFCI plug, fire alarm initiating devices by others.
  • Optional steel shaft enclosure may be possible
  • Hoistway shaft to be constructed as per elevator code, building code, by others.


  • Machine located adjacent to the shaft at bottom level.
  • Machine Room door to swing out and be self-locking and self-closing.
  • Lockable, fused disconnect box, guarded light with a switch, GFCI Plug, by others.
  • Machine area to be constructed as per elevator code, building code, by others.

For Lift Cabin Size and the required Enclosure (a.k.a. Hoistway Shaft) space, please download the Material Lift brochure. For any required custom cabin size or if space is constraint, please contact our sales department at

For detailed Product Specifications with Available Options, please download the Material Lift brochure. For any required custom requirement, ambient site conditions please contact our sales department at